The Luxury Experience at Oxford Stadium’s Executive Suites

luxury executive suites at Oxford stadium

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Experience opulence, thrilling excitement, and hospitality at its finest at the executive suites of the Oxford Stadium.

The Oxford Stadium has long been celebrated for its exhilarating greyhound races and speedway events, but it’s not just the action on the track that makes it remarkable. Its executive suites offer an elevated experience that perfectly combines the thrill of sport with the comfort and luxury you’d expect from a five-star resort. Whether it’s a family celebration, a corporate event, a stag do, or a hen party, these suites are flexible and fit for all occasions.

Premium Comfort

The Oxford Stadium boasts three executive suites, each capable of hosting up to 36 guests. Carefully designed with a focus on superior comfort and luxury, every suite has its unique charm. If it’s the trackside views you’re after, prepare for a treat. Perfectly positioned at the end of the home straight near the entrance to the first bend, the suites promise stunning and unparalleled views of the racetrack.

You get not only to witness the riveting action up close but also immerse yourself in the crowd’s electrifying energy while enjoying the comforts of your exclusive space. As the evening unfolds, watch the exciting races from your panoramic window, feel the thrill of the crowd, and share the triumphs and the cheers in stylish seclusion, away from the bustling crowds.

Exceptional Service

Imagine enjoying your night with dedicated bar staff attending to your every whim, and with Tote betting operators right at your service. Our friendly and professional staff is always on hand to ensure that everything runs seamlessly and your evening is everything you want it to be.

From a wide selection of popular drinks available in your private bar to timely tote betting services, our dedicated team enhances your experience with their attention to detail and unintrusive service. Enjoy premium wines or your favourite bears, place your bets, and soak in the delightful atmosphere at your own pace, always knowing our attentive staff is there to cater for you.

Private and Tailored To You

Each suite is private, ensuring that your event, whether big or small, is as intimate and personal as you’d like it to be. It’s not just the privacy and luxury that sets the suites apart, it’s also our commitment to providing a tailored, individual experience for every guest. All our dishes are freshly prepared and cooked in-house by our talented chefs, and your meal can cater to all diets, including vegetarian options and a special menu for children.

Whether you’re set for an action-packed night of live greyhound racing, a corporate get-together, or a milestone celebration, our executive suites at Oxford Stadium offer an unrivalled experience. It’s not just about watching the races; it’s about immersing yourself in a unique, exciting atmosphere, and enjoying a level of comfort and service that’s second to none. Choose the Oxford Stadium’s executive suites, where luxury meets thrill – for an experience you’ll remember.

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Immersive Vibrance and Thrill

The first thing you’ll realize about the executive suites is how they’re designed in sync with the on-track action, making sure you enjoy the sights and sounds right from your cozy setting. From the first greyhound out of the traps till the last one crosses the finish line, you’ll feel part of every thrilling moment.

Bespoke dining

One of the unique services you get to enjoy in our executive suites is our bespoke dining, which provides a luxurious culinary experience. Here is an outlined process:

  • Personal Menu Planning: Work with dedicated organizers to craft a menu that suits your personal taste or dietary needs – a tailored gastronomic experience to make your evening even more memorable.
  • Exquisite Dishes: The suite includes a private dining area where professionally prepared gourmet courses are served. From prime cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and vegetarian gastronomic delights, you can savour a variety of exquisite dishes.

Distinct Features

Feature Description
Capacious Layout Each suite offers enough space to comfortably accommodate your party, allowing for leisurely movement and socializing.
Cozy Ambiance The suite’s decor sets a cozy, welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel at home while relishing the exclusivity of a VIP experience.
Fully Equipped The suite comes with a state-of-the-art PA system, Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs, ensuring a well-rounded experience for all types of gatherings.

Dedicated Team

  • Bar Staff: Our dedicated bar staff is fully trained to ensure you have a delectable variety of drinks at the ideal temperature. They’ll cater to all your beverage needs with utmost precision.
  • Tote Betting Operators: Enjoy the thrill of betting without leaving your seat. Our professional Tote betting operators offer trackside services exclusively for our suite guests.
  • Hospitality Staff: At your service for the night, our hospitality staff keeps it smooth sailing. Be it serving your meals or making sure the suite is always tidy, their discreet service ensures a hassle-free experience.

Overall, each executive suite at Oxford Stadium offers a rare blend of luxury, sophistication, and exhilarating excitement. It sets the perfect stage for those who want more out of their racecourse experience. Luxury doesn’t always have to be about opulence; it’s more about comfort, unique experiences, and great service, all of which you’ll find in abundance within our executive suites.

Don’t miss out on this unique blend of luxury, sport, and thrill. The Oxford Stadium’s executive suites are the ultimate way to elevate your experience at the races. Hurry, suites are in high demand. Book yours now to lock in the best dates. Click here to start your booking.

Indulge in the five-star experience you deserve. Your unforgettable evening at Oxford Stadium’s Executive Suites is just one click away!


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