7 Reasons Oxford Stadium is the Ultimate Destination for Student Nights Out

student nights out at Oxford Stadium

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Discover the Thrill of the Track with Student Nights at Oxford Stadium

When it comes to student nights out in the city, Oxford Stadium checks all the boxes for a truly memorable experience. Picture this: the electric atmosphere, the roar of the crowd, the thrill of live racing, and the camaraderie among friends—all under the vibrant stadium lights. But this iconic venue offers more than just fast-paced entertainment.

It’s also about fantastic value with affordable packages, delectable dining in exclusive restaurants like Savana Bar & Restaurant, and panoramic views of the racetrack that are simply unmatched. Oxford Stadium effortlessly combines the adrenaline-soaked excitement of live racing with the casual, laid-back vibes of a night out, making it the ultimate destination for students seeking a unique and exhilarating outing.

1. Breakout from the routine of lectures and textbooks

Step into a world of excitement at the Oxford Stadium. This unique social venue offers a thrilling contrast to your regular academic settings. With a lively atmosphere, action-packed races, and lots of opportunities to meet new people, it’s the perfect destination for students looking to unwind after a hard week of studying.

2. Ease of Online Booking

In the era of digitisation, Oxford Stadium stays current by offering a quick and easy online booking system. You just need to visit https://oxford-stadium.co.uk/book-online/ and follow the straightforward instructions. From booking tickets to reserving seats, everything can be managed with a simple click or tap.

You’ll also be pleased to know that you can take care of parking at the same time. Because of limited parking at the stadium, guests are offered free parking at Unipart’s site, located conveniently close to the stadium. Remember to select this option while purchasing your tickets! Plus, on Saturdays, a complimentary shuttle bus service runs to and from the stadium, making your journey even easier (availability subject to change – follow our socials to stay up to date).

3. Budget-Friendly Shenanigans

Oxford Stadium offers a reasonably priced entry that fits snugly into a student budget. This makes the stadium an attractive choice for students looking for a budget-friendly night out. Moreover, beyond the monetary aspect, the experience at the stadium also adds value in terms of social interaction.

The stadium is a great place to meet and connect with folks outside of your university circles, enabling you to expand your social horizons.

4. Unbeatable Admission Deals: Fun for All Ages

Oxford Stadium presents an electrifying experience on Monday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s with unbeatable general admission deals for both students and younger guests. For a modest price of £5, adult visitors gain general admission, a race programme, and access to the lively on-site Sports Bars. Optionally – why not opt for our Fab 5 Package which includes admission, a race programme, burger & fries and a £2 bet – all for just £7.95!

The affordable pricing makes the Oxford Stadium experience a wonderful addition to student life without breaking the bank. And the excitement doesn’t end there—children under 16 can enjoy all the benefits and thrill, absolutely free!

Whether it’s a younger sibling or a visiting relative, this fantastic offer ensures that everyone can share an unforgettable night out without worrying about the cost. With these incredible deals, Oxford Stadium truly has something for everyone, bringing incredible value to your fun-filled nights away from academic stress.

5. Spice Up Your Mondays with the Curry Deal

Mondays at Oxford Stadium are made even more exciting, thanks to an irresistible Curry Deal. For just £3.95, the deal doesn’t only secure adults’ general admission and a race programme but also throws in a satisfying meal of curry and chips.

The modest pricing, coupled with a thrilling experience and great food, makes for a brilliant way to beat the Monday blues. The little ones aren’t forgotten either. For under 16s, this same package is available at a cosy price of just £2, replacing the curry and chips with an appetizing serving of sausage & chips.

Oxford Stadium ensures that Mondays are no longer mundane but filled with fun, flavour, and unforgettable experiences for all ages. The Curry Deal, therefore, offers a terrific blend of entertainment and delicious food, ensuring your week gets off to a fantastic start.

6. Fab 5 Package: Make Your Weekends Smashing

Ever thought of mixing races, bets, drinks, and scrumptious food on your weekend nights? Oxford Stadium has got you covered with their Fab 5 Package, available every Friday and Saturday in October. For just £7.95, adults can grab a general admission ticket, a race programme, a hearty meal of either Burger & Fries or Veggie Burger & Fries, a pint or a soft drink or a small wine, and even a £2 bet!

The Fab 5 package leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a lively and unforgettable weekend night out. It transforms the atmosphere from merely watching races to interspersing it with tasteful bites, refreshing sips, and the added anticipation of a bet.

Oxford Stadium thereby redefines your weekend narrative, allowing you to immerse yourself in an adventure that is both thrilling and pleasing to your palate. By choosing the Fab 5 package, you get to savour the very best of Oxford Stadium, making your weekends in October truly fabulous.

7. Impress Your Date with the Restaurant Package

Looking for an extraordinary date night idea in October? Oxford Stadium’s Restaurant Package, available on Fridays, offers an extraordinary experience that will sweep both of you off your feet. For just £17.95 for adults and £7.95 for under 16’s, this exclusive package doesn’t merely get you a general admission ticket and race programme; It also pampers you with a sumptuous two-course meal in the prestigious Savana Bar & Restaurant. Gaze into each other’s eyes as the racetrack unfurls in the panoramic view before you and let the table service take care of drinks and betting, ensuring that you focus on revelling in the exhilarating atmosphere and charming company.

Impress your special someone with this memorable night out that seamlessly blends romance and excitement, allowing you both to dive into an extraordinary experience that will become a story to cherish for a lifetime. The Oxford Stadium Restaurant Package ensures that your Friday nights in October & November become the epitome of love and thrill.

You don’t always have to splash out to enjoy a first-class dining experience. At the Savana Bar & Restaurant in Oxford Stadium, brilliant value meets gastronomical delight, making it a fantastic choice for students on a night out. Here are the reasons why:

  • Budget-Friendly Fine Dining: Enjoy a two-course hot meal prepared and cooked in-house by the venue’s talented chefs, available even on student-friendly budgets.
  • Vegetarian Options: Menus are seasonal and considerate of different dietary preferences, including vegetarian options—an inclusive touch that ensures everyone has something tasty to savour.
  • Stunning Views: The panoramic views of the racetrack add an air of sophistication to your meal, making your dining experience all the more memorable.
  • Comprehensive Drink List: From a selection of premium wines, beers, and soft drinks to teas and coffees, the beverage options are vast and well-curated. While you can get your caffeine-fix, you can also toast to an unforgettable night.
  • Attentive Table Service: Let the hospitable and prompt table service enhance your dining experience, allowing you to focus on the company and the thrill of live racing.
  • Easy Commute & Parking: The venue is conveniently located for all commuting routes, and on-site parking can be requested—a practical feature that adds to the ease of the dining experience.

Savana Bar & Restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It’s where quality, convenience, and value converge, delivering a stellar dining experience that fits perfectly within your student-life budget.

Let Oxford Stadium lead you into an evening of high octane fun! Leave the daily drudgery of academia behind and discover novel experiences that make student life truly memorable.

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