Oxford Stadium: Your Guide to Brilliant Greyhound Racing Nights

Hidden within our bustling city, you’ll find the lively Oxford Stadium; a top spot for locals who love a good live sports event. But there’s something special about those greyhound races that happen under the bright lights every Friday and Saturday. Not only do these jovial nights put the speed and athleticism of these amazing […]

7 Reasons Oxford Stadium is the Ultimate Destination for Student Nights Out

student nights out at Oxford Stadium

Discover the Thrill of the Track with Student Nights at Oxford Stadium When it comes to student nights out in the city, Oxford Stadium checks all the boxes for a truly memorable experience. Picture this: the electric atmosphere, the roar of the crowd, the thrill of live racing, and the camaraderie among friends—all under the […]

Feel the Rush: A Guide for Die-Hard Greyhound Fans

As a die-hard fan of greyhound racing, you know there’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching these lean, fast dogs in action. Oxford Stadium is one of the premier locations for capturing this excitement. This venue provides fans with not just a simple visit to the tracks, but an entire immersive experience. Booking Made […]

Plan Your Perfect Date Night at Savana Bar & Restaurant

dates at savana bar and restaurant

Are you and your partner on the hunt for unique date ideas? Welcome to Savana Bar & Restaurant. Here, we redefine date night, intertwining dining, drinks, and greyhound racing to offer an unforgettable shared experience. Breathtaking Location Nestled in between the hustle and bustle of the city, Savana Bar & Restaurant takes pride in its […]

Discover The Top 10 Reasons Why Families Love Oxford Stadium

Looking for the ideal destination for your next family outing? Get ready to make unforgettable memories at Oxford Stadium, a venue that has it all! From thrilling races to a vibrant atmosphere, incredible food, well-appointed facilities, and much more. We dive deep into the top 10 reasons why Oxford Stadium is the unrivaled choice for […]

21 Reasons to Book an Executive Suite at Oxford Stadium

Welcome to the thrilling world of Oxford Stadium, where the excitement of greyhound racing meets the luxury of executive suites. When it comes to hosting your next business event, meeting, or celebration, you deserve an exclusive space that promises to impress your clients, partners, and guests. Our multi-functional executive suites provide the perfect blend of […]

Beating the Hustle and Bustle: Party at Oxford Stadium

party night at Oxford stadium

For young party-goers tired of the repetition that accompanies the city’s mainstream nightlife scene, the Oxford Stadium presents an unconventional and exciting alternative. Booking Made Simple Forget the long lines at club doors, full to capacity. Oxford Stadium’s innovative online booking system has streamlined the process, ensuring you a hassle-free start to the evening. Simply […]

Savana Bar & Restaurant: Irresistible Delights for the Discerning Foodie

When it comes to gastronomic excellence, the Savana Bar & Restaurant at the Oxford Stadium is a haven for food enthusiasts. Synonymous with a dining journey like no other, Savana offers an ambiance where culinary craftsmanship meets the thrill of live entertainment. From the moment you walk through our private entrance, the pleasingly designed space, […]

Planning a Christmas Party? Consider Oxford Stadium!

The festive season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning those unforgettable Christmas celebrations. If you’re searching for the perfect venue to accommodate your large family gatherings or office parties, look no further than Oxford Stadium. With its exclusive executive suites and capacity to host large groups, Oxford Stadium offers a […]

Private Dining with Panoramic Racetrack Views at Oxford Stadium

Experience luxury like never before with stunning panoramic views of the racetrack amidst the intricately designed executive suites at the Oxford Stadium. The executive suites are an ideal venue for a memorable evening, whether it’s a grand celebration with your loved ones or an impressive corporate event with clients. Now let’s delve into the exceptional […]

The Luxury Experience at Oxford Stadium’s Executive Suites

luxury executive suites at Oxford stadium

Experience opulence, thrilling excitement, and hospitality at its finest at the executive suites of the Oxford Stadium. The Oxford Stadium has long been celebrated for its exhilarating greyhound races and speedway events, but it’s not just the action on the track that makes it remarkable. Its executive suites offer an elevated experience that perfectly combines […]

How Different are the Greyhound Track Conditions for Racing and How do They Affect the Race?

Racing tracks for greyhounds significantly vary in their conditions, and these variances can considerably impact the outcomes of the races. Several variables such as track surface, weather, length, configuration, and the state of maintenance all contribute to the overall track conditions, shaping the racing experience for the greyhounds and the spectators. Track Surface: Sand, Dirt, […]

Researching a Retired Greyhound’s Pedigree and Racing History

retired greyhound

Retired greyhounds, which have previously competed on registered tracks, possess an extensive background of pedigree information and racing history. This history is identifiable through the dog’s unique racing name as well as ear tattoos and can be accessed through specific databases, providing insights into the dog’s lineage, racing achievements, and past life experiences. Greyhound Identification: […]

From Pup to Performance: The Early Stages of Greyhound Training until the Premier Race

Greyhound training is a comprehensive and systematic journey that commences when the dogs are around 15 to 17 months old. The exact start may be influenced by characteristics like the size of the dog, with larger dogs often starting a bit later to prevent excessive strain on their developing limbs. Training incorporates various physical exercises […]

The Greyhound Breed and it’s History

the greyhound breed and its history

The Greyhound breed is a distinct canine group admired for its physical elegance, gentle demeanour, and historical significance that extends back to ancient civilizations. Replete with distinctive features and a distinguished personality, greyhounds are praised as much for their exterior beauty as for their innate tendencies and behaviours. Greyhound Breed Description and Characteristics Physical Features […]

How Does an Each-Way Bet Work?

each way bet on greyhounds

An each-way bet, in the world of betting terminology, is essentially two bets made at the same time: one bet for the selection to win, and another for it to place. This betting structure is primarily used in horse racing but it equally applies to a number of other sports and events. Components of an […]

Where Did Greyhounds Originate From?

origin of greyhounds

Greyhounds originated from ancient Egypt around 4,000 years ago, where they were highly prized for their hunting prowess and elevated status, with evidence from tomb paintings and artifacts, and later spread to Greece and Rome around 500 BCE, making their way across Europe and being selectively bred into different types over time before becoming global […]

What is a Mini Greyhound Called?


A mini greyhound is commonly known as the Italian Greyhound. This name refers to a small breed of dog which, despite its diminutive size, shares many physical characteristics and behaviors with the larger Greyhound breed. But there’s more to this petite dog than its name and appearance, including its history, characteristics, and great companion potential. […]