Where Can I Find Greyhound Racing Schedules and News in the UK?

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If you’re an enthusiast for greyhound racing searching for schedules and news in the UK, it’s quite possible to find such information through numerous online platforms, including official websites for racing stadiums, news websites, and dedicated greyhound racing portals. These platforms provide comprehensive information related to live races, racecards, results, and updates.

Greyhound Racing Stadiums Websites

One of the primary sources for greyhound racing schedules in the UK is directly through the official websites of greyhound racing stadiums.

News Websites and Greyhound Racing Portals

There are reliable news websites and portals dedicated to greyhound racing offering comprehensive schedules and news updates:

The Greyhound Star
The Greyhound Star has provided news, features, and racecards for decades now. Covering everything greyhound related in the UK, it has become a indispensable resource for racing enthusiasts.

Racing Post
Famed for its horse racing coverage, Racing Post extends its comprehensive sports coverage to greyhound racing too. The website provides roster schedules, live updates, and expert analysis.

Greyhound Bet from Racing Post
This dedicated portal, part of the Racing Post, focuses specifically on greyhound racing. It offers in-depth racecards, schedules, betting odds, and comprehensive greyhound news.

Online Betting Platforms

Online betting platforms often provide detailed insights and schedules for greyhound races as they offer opportunities for enthusiasts to engage more interactively in the sport. Some of the well-known platforms where you can find greyhound racing schedules and news include:

  • Bet365: One of the largest online gambling companies in the world, Bet365 has an extensive section dedicated to greyhound racing including live streaming, results, racecards, and updates.
  • William Hill: This trusted bookmaker offers comprehensive coverages of greyhound racing events, with updated schedules and news.
  • Paddy Power: This renowned Irish bookmaker covers numerous racing events, including greyhound racing, providing everything from daily schedules to news updates.

Each of these platforms, indeed, provides fans of greyhound racing with a wealth of resources to ensure they can stay abreast of all the latest in the world of this exciting sport.

Mobile Applications for Greyhound Racing Information

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, there are several mobile applications offering real-time updates, schedules, and news about greyhound racing in the UK.

  1. Racing Post app: This app allows aficionados to view daily racecards, results, expert tips, and news articles related to greyhound racing.
  2. Greyhound Bet app: Created by Racing Post, this app offers a vast range of greyhound racing information. Key features include form guides, live race streaming, and race previews.
  3. Timeform app: Available on iOS, Timeform provides comprehensive UK and Irish greyhound racing content including daily racecards, results, and free betting tips.
  4. RPGTV app: Racing Post Greyhound TV app offers comprehensive coverage of UK greyhound racing with live streaming and racecards.

Using Social Media for Greyhound Racing Updates

Many official greyhound racing stadiums and news websites have social media accounts that regularly post about race schedules, results, cancelled races, and real-time updates. Some of these notable social media accounts include:

  • Twitter: Accounts such as @Greyhoundstar (Greyhound Star), @rpgreyhounds (Racing Post Greyhounds), and @nottingham_dogs (Nottingham Greyhound Stadium) regularly post greyhound racing updates.
  • Facebook: Groups and pages like Greyhound Racing UK and Greyhound Racing News offer information about upcoming races plus news in the UK.


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